keep calm and join loki's amry

hey amy here love avenger defo a loki fan girl but also love captian america and thor. seen the movie 8 times. love tom hiddleston of course lol. also love dr who, spiderman, true blood Criminal mind and loads of other things xxxx {|}

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My wee family

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Em 1/07/2014 | Tags:  agent coulson,  nick fury,  captain america,  black widow,  thor,  loki,  iron man,  hulk,  avengers,  marvel,  agents of shield

Finally here

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Em 1/07/2014 | Tags:  avengers,  agents of shield,  agent coulson,  pop,  captain america,  thor,  iron man

My loki ring

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Em 27/04/2014 | Tags:  loki,  loki laufeyson,  thor,  thor the dark world,  thor 2

My friend made this for me

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Em 27/04/2014 | Tags:  loki,  loki laufeyson,  thor,  thor 2,  drawing

My marvel dress

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Em 27/04/2014 | Tags:  marvel,  thor,  captain america,  stan lee,  dress,  handmade

My family

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Em 25/06/2013 | Tags:  avenger,  captain america,  hulk,  iron man,  thor,  nick furry,  marvel,  comic,  toys,  chris evans

My best friends birthday cake

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Em 31/01/2013 | Tags:  avengers,  iron man,  hulk,  captain america,  black widow,  thor,  hawkeye,  cake,  food porn,  marvel,  comic,  marvel comic

How cute are they? X

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Em 13/01/2013 | Tags:  nick fury,  captain america,  thor,  avengers,  toys

Aww friends

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Em 26/12/2012 | Tags:  thor,  captain america,  avengers
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Em 25/09/2012 | Tags:  avengers,  thor,  captain america,  iron man,  haweye,  black widow,  loki,  hulk

Ha ha

Em 23/09/2012 | Tags:  tom hiddleston,  loki,  chris hemsworth,  thor,  cat

Ha ha how are you going to fight me now

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Em 17/09/2012 | Tags:  loki,  captain america,  thor,  chris hemsworth,  chris evans,  tom hiddleston,  funny

This made me laugh

Em 11/09/2012 | Tags:  loki,  tom hiddleston,  thor,  funny,  cartoon

Thor outfit

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Em 29/08/2012 | Tags:  thor,  avengers,  outfit,  clothes

I want them x

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Em 16/08/2012 | Tags:  avengers,  thor,  captian america,  iron man,  hulk,  haweye,  black widow,  shoes